XBMC and MediaStream – Tutorial 3

Right, after following the first 2 tutorials you should now be running XBMC with the MediaStream skin setup but you have no media! To fix that we need to setup some sources. First of all click on the Videos link on the Home screen.





Add Movies Source

Then press the Title button on the remote (menu button on keyboard) to bring up the context menu, and select Add Source.


Add Source

Add Source


First of all we’ll setup a source for Movies so click on the Browse button and navigate to where your movie files are stored. (In terms of organisation I find it useful to have Videos\Movies and Videos\TVShows folders). Once you have located the folder, press left and click on the OK button to return to the Add Source dialog. If you have your movies in more than one folder then click on the Add button and locate each of the further folders.

Once you have added the movies folder(s), navigate down below the Enter a Name… prompt and click the select button on the remote to bring up the on-screen keyboard. (if you’re using a keyboard you can just type the name in directly). Call this source Movies and then move down and click on the Set Content button.


Set Content dialog

Set Content dialog


Press the select button/enter key 3 times to select that the content is Movies. By default IMDb will be selected as your scraper and I leave it as is so navigate down to the options. I normally leave the Run Automated Scan disabled initially. All my movie files sit under the Movies folder (I don’t have sub-folders for each movie) so I leave the Use Folder Names… and Scan Recursively settings turned off.

Navigate down and press the Settings button. I enable all the options and set the IMDB Thumb Size to be 384 on the Xbox (512 on other platforms). Press OK button when done to return to the Set Content dialog.

Press Select to complete the Set Content dialog and then press OK to add the new source.

Add TV Shows Source

Next we want to add a TV Shows source. This is the same as setting up the Movies source, except when in the Set Content dialog you only need to click twice to select TV Shows content. TheTVDB is the default scraper for TV Shows content and in the Scraper Settings for it I usually leave it with the defaults.

All my TV Shows are setup in seperate folders under the main TV Shows folder. ie Videos\TVShows\CSI so my next step is to actually associate those folders with the correct TV Shows (you can leave it work automatically but I usually find it’s better to check it manually.

From the Videos screen you should now have 3 options – Movies, TV Shows and Video Plugins. Click on TV Shows and you should see a list of all the folders in the TV Shows source. With the first one selected press the info button, it should then come up with a list of TV Shows which match the folder name. Highlight the correct one and press select/enter. The TV Show and Episode info will then be scanned in and you will then see in the info dialog for that show. Press Menu button on remote (Escape key on keyboard) to close the dialog and then repeat this for all the TV Show folders.

Once you are done, press Menu/Escape to return to the Home screen and select TV Shows. Click on Title/Menu button to bring up the context menu and select Update Library. This will scan in the Movies along with any TV Shows you didn’t manually scan already.


Update Library

Update Library


Now you should have usable content in your Movies and TV Shows library. In the next tutorial I’ll discuss setting up the Music area and then move on to selecting views and options to make the best of the skin and media.


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  1. 1 Andy
    April 8, 2009 at 1:44 pm

    Thanks for the tutorial.

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